LATHER V @ the RAT: Star Trek for Amateurs with Caitlin Thompson

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November 3rd 2010

The LATHER turns five! And to celebrate, we talk Star Trek.  The RAT;s very own Caitlin Thompson tells us all she knows on the subject and considers how the themes addressed in Star Trek commented on contemporary events and political climates.  The original series’ Utopic vision hosted a diverse and multicultural cast, at a time when non Caucasian actors were type casted in roles that upheld the stereotypes of their ethnicity or race.  The first interracial kiss on prime time television occured between Captain Kirk and Uhura, but was Vulcan mind control in works? The progression from the original series to the Next Generation showed a noticeable shift of focus on plot and focus on the personal lives of it’s cast. (Or a move from the modern to the post modern as Caitlin suggested.)

Trekkie or not all in attendance were thoroughly engaged and beamed to new levels of consciousness…

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