LATHER II: Fungi you Know and Love . Hosted by Amber Phelps Bondaroff.

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September 30th 2010

Well, first presentation @ the RAT got the ball rolling for a series of evening presentations called LATHERs.

The second installment had  Mycological motivations and was hosted by the RAT;s own Amber Phelps Bondaroff.

  1. Amanita Virosa
  2. Pieds Bleue
  3. John Cage

(Answers to, Most Deadly local Mushroom, deliciously sought after by french canadians, and notable famous amateur mycologist)

The evening was accentuated by a mushroom centered meal featuring teriaki portobello, cream of morel on crostini and inoki salad with vinaigrette.)  We ended the evening with the creation of mycological Haikus.

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