LATHER I:Dance Dance Dance Party (How to throw one to be remembered) Hosted by visiting artist Brady Clark.

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Visiting NoDS artist in residence Mr. Brady Clark hosted an evening to remember @ the RAT on Thursday September 9th.  Brady is known, amongst other things, for his organization of festive spaces; Instigating hours of dancing, gyrating, moving and general merry making in un-conventional settings.  Hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota, Brady is a founding member of the Dance Shanty, a temporary carnival of dance in a small space, constructed on the surface of a frozen lake,  in the heart of  Minnesotan winter.

Brady shared his list of “Ten fool proof Ways to Throw an amazing Dance Party.”  The list will be provided here soon.

and also provided a model for collaborative acts of choreographed movement entitled the “Diamond Dance.”

Needless to say, both pre and post presentation, much dancing was present @ the RAT.

Thank you Brady.

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